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The weight control smoothie

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Marion, 27

... bye bye 25 LBS!

"Love it! NU3 Slim is my everyday smoothie and it keeps me regular and without any diet plan or excercise it helps me maintain my weight. I can't go without it"

*results may vary


Jackson, 47

.... 18 Lbs down!

"I have been using the weight control smoothie for the past three months. The taste is awesome and I have lost 18 lbs so far, and it gives me energy and cuts my appetite for at least several hours. It is perfect for my lifestyle, I'm so glad!"

*results may vary


Sutton, 38

...I LOST 35 LBS!

"NU3 Slim helps me control my appetite and cravings like nothing else. I have already lost 35 lbs and and I´m just not bouncing back. The smoothies it is the only thing I currently care about when it comes to my weight control."

*results may vary


Parker, 33

... I'm 30 lbs off!

"I was looking for a supplement for weight loss, a friend of mine recommend this product. All I did was replace my usual breakfast with one NU3 Slim Smoothie. I lost 30 lbs already and I feel ready for a marathon!"

*results may vary

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